Now more than ever, when your prospects look for products and services locally they are turning to the web.

  • About 75% of US households use the web when seeking products or services locally.
  • 54% of search users no longer use the phone book.
  • Approx. 4 billion searches were conducted on Google in one month (July 2007)

These are qualified leads looking for the specific service or product you provide. What techniques can you use today to help them find you? This article here explains a few that will improve your local search results.

If you prefer to outsource this type of work, call AIM Custom Media – our GeoTargeting Services for local search let’s them know you’re in town.

What is AIM GeoTargeting?
A program that drives local dollars to local businesses with an affordable internet marketing solution. One more thing, 78% more people are using the Internet to find a local business than they did just two years ago. Many small businesses have been slow to respond – don’t wait until you lose market share. Get involved now and cherry pick ripe leads looking for, but not finding, you.

Yes, when your prospects look for products and services locally they are turning to the web – AIM GeoTargeting Services let’s them know you’re in town. Contact us for details at 804-915-7379 or via email and we’ll contact you if you prefer.

AIM Custom Media serves companies located throughout the United States.

Locally, we serve the Metro Richmond, Virginia area, Coastal Virginia, Fredericksburg, and Washington, DC. Within the Metro Richmond area, we serve:

23005, Ashland; 23039, Crozier; 23059, 23060, Glen Allen; 23069, Hanover; 23075, Highland Springs; 23103, Manakin Sabot; 23106, Manquin; 23111, Mechanicsville; 23112, 23113, Midlothian; 23116, Mechanicsville; 23120, Moseley; 23129, Oilville; 23141, Quinton; 23146, Rockville; 23150, Sandston; 23219, 23220, 23221, 23222, 23223, 23224, 23225, 23226, Richmond; 23227, Bellevue; 23228, Lakeside; 23229, Regency; 23230, West End; 23231, Richmond; 23233, Ridge; 23234, Ampthill; 23235, Bon Air; 23236, 23237, 23294, 23298, Richmond; 23831, Chester; 23832, Chesterfield; 23836, Chester; 23838, Chesterfield and the surrounding areas.